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Time : 1 Day

Departure day : Everyday

Vehicle : New generation car

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Dubbed the resort capital, Mui Ne is one of the top resorts in Vietnam today. Not only famous for the blue beach, Mui Ne tourism also attracts tourists by the immense white sand hills, picturesque fishing villages nestled by tall, peaceful and poetic coconut groves..

With Mui ne 1 day tour of  The Sinh Cafe Tour, you will have more interesting experience :

1. Explore the “flying” sand hill with sandboarding


Mui Ne Sand Dunes or also known as “flying” sand hills are always attractive to many tourists. The unique point here is that every time there is a big wind, the “flying” sand hill changes both the shape and color of the sand, when it is white, when it turns red, pink, orange, yellow … Only after 1 night, all traces in the sand disappeared instead of the pristine features of the wind. That is the magic that every day people always want to explore the beauty of the boring Mui Ne sand hill, visitors can not miss the exciting skateboarding game. With a board, you can slide down from above. The screams, laughter will bring you a very refreshing and fun feeling.


In addition, you can experience African ostrich rides; Drive the terrain bike on the sand watching the sunrise over the vast sandy desert dreaming and take lots of beautiful pictures at Mui Ne sand hill to save or share with friends The Sinh Cafe Tour

2. Visit the fishing village of Mui Ne – A beautiful place to take photos

sinh cafe tour

Located on Huynh Thuc Khang street, nestled in the tall coconut groves, Mui Ne fishing village has beautiful scenery at dawn or when the sun is out of sunset. Mui Ne fishing village is the place sought by many photographers. Phan Thiet tourism you can not miss the site of Mui Ne Fishing Village to discover the life of the people of the sea here.

The fishing village of Mui Ne is located along the coast for about 1 km, with a calm and calm wind all year round, making it an ideal location for ships to shelter. Stop in Mui Ne fishing village in the early morning, you will have the opportunity to admire the bustling trade scene of fishermen after every night sea trip and choose to buy fresh seafood such as squid, fish, shrimp, crabs , crab … with very soft prices.

    3. Walking around the “Bong lai Tien Canh” – Suoi Tien

Suoi Tien, Tre stream or Bong Lai Tien Canh is a new picnic destination with spectacular and exotic landscapes, on one side is a lush green forest and one side is stalactite and sandy mountain with a color of basalt red soil.

For many visitors, suoi Tien is still a relatively new place. You will be amazed at the wild and peaceful beauty here when reading the shallow stream, watching the stream from the sandy mountains flowing to the tree canopy to create spectacular scenery.

No murmur, clear as other streams, Tien Mui Ne stream carries in the heart of the beautiful red orange water. The spring water does not flow fast but gently floats. Put bare feet in the stream, visitors are surprised by the coolness of the water flow even in the midst of fire.

After the first 300m, the first place of the scene appeared. The highlight for the more red stream is the sand columns carved, sharpened by the hands of creating with emulsion towers like giant reliefs.


Along the Tien stream, there are many ways leading up to the sand hill. Visitors can follow it to see the panoramic view from above. With Tien stream, Mui Ne Phan Thiet tourism is new and more attractive to domestic and foreign friends.

Mũi Né 1 day tour with The Sinh Cafe Tour  also take you to visit the most beautiful and famous places in Phan Thiet, such as to Ta Cu Mountain to admire the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam, visit the ancient Cham Tower or explore the Wine Castle with countless wines Rank … You can freely choose the time frame for your journey with early morning tour or afternoon tour.

Detailed schedule Mui Ne tour ½ day
CHOOSE BRIGHT – Price for 1 Jeep (1-4 guests)

Experience the Jeep conquering Mui Ne sand dunes

4:30 AM: Depart from The Sinh Cafe Tour office or at your hotel (free of charge if the hotel is close to TourSinhCafe office, on the contrary, an extra charge will be charged at the hotel)

5:15 AM: Visiting White Sand Dunes. You welcome the dawn for a new day right on the sand hill, this is an unforgettable moment. You can join other activities at the sand hill such as sandboarding, 4-wheel drive on sand hill or African ostrich rides (self-sufficiency costs) …

Mui Ne White Sand Dunes, also known as Bau Trang, engrossed the footsteps of artists of photography, painting, and poetry.

6:00 AM: Red Sand Hill Tour. Sand dunes are somewhat lower than White Sand Dunes, but the view is very beautiful for taking photos because the red of the sand emphasizes the scenery behind.

6:45 AM: Visit the fishing village of Mui Ne, feel the life of the villagers when the fishing net is pulled up for the first time of the day, full of fresh seafood like crabs, squid … Here you have You can take a picture of a fishing boat preparing to set sail with the sun shining lightly into the sea

7:15 AM: Visit Suoi Tien. This is a small stream, running through the red sand hill. Both sides of the stream wall are covered with red sand.

8:00 AM: Return to the Mui Ne TourSinhCafe office or your hotel

8:00 AM: Depart from the TourSinhCafe Mui Ne office or at your hotel (free pick up if the hotel is close to TourSinhCafe office, otherwise charge an extra charge at the hotel)

8:45 AM: Visit Ta Cu mountain and go to the top of the mountain by cable car (expenses excluded). At the top of the mountain, you will see the panorama of Phan Thiet, besides, here you will see Buddha statue with a length of 45m in the state of Nirvana. This is one of the largest Buddha images in Vietnam today.

10:00 AM: Visit dragon fruit garden – a specialty of Binh Thuan province. You will have the opportunity to know about the growth process of dragon fruit from blooming buds to the fruit. You can buy newly picked dragon fruit in the garden – an indispensable gift of Phan Thiet for relatives and friends.

10:45 AM: Visiting Cham Tower was built by Cham kings to worship Hindu gods. And now Cham people still use this place as a place of worship and organize festivals of Cham people.

11:15 AM: Stop at the Wine Wine Park RD of Sea Links City. Here you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of wines and the process of making wine.

11:45 AM: Return to TThe Sinh Cafe Tour office or your hotel


1:00 PM: Depart from the Mui Ne office or at your hotel (free pick up if the hotel is close to TourSinhCafe office, otherwise charge an extra charge at the hotel)

– Sightseeing program like the morning

4:45 PM: Return to your office or hotel


– Jeep vehicles are defaulted for online bookings

-7-seat air-conditioned vehicle can be requested via email (surcharge)

Fares include:

– Private jeep


Not included:

– The entrance fee

-Other services are not mentioned in the program

-Food and water

– Personal expenses, insurance

-Tip for the driver

 The Sinh Cafe Tour Thank you and See you again!!!

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